Today was weigh in day with the #loserclub that I am in with my cousins Nutrition Club. I was actually surprised. Original weigh in was 231.0 today I weighed in at 224.8 that is 6.2lbs!! That really makes me happy!!! I have 6 weeks to try to lose as much weight as I can to win the $500.00 cash prize! I really have my eye on the goal. I am not sure how many people are doing it, but I know I got this. The last challenge that they did, my other cousin Aimee won!! So I figure I can keep it in the family. LOL

I am very proud of myself.   I didn’t think I would be able to get any more of the weight off, but sure as I said that, 6.2lbs



Not Today!


So on Sunday I went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World with my husband and met my friend up there.   Something I should of thought about before I done.  Since it only got into the high 50’s all day.   Me being a true Florida Girl can not handle that kind of cold.   I had on a sweat shirt and my jacket all day. Still there were times that the cold just cut right through me.   Luckily I was able to get coffee and hot tea while I was there.  Well Monday morning, I work up with a scratchy somewhat sore throat.   Tuesday it was a little worse as far as the throat went and the way I was sounding (like a man).   Today, my throat is fine, just a little scratchy but not all the time.   Now it is my sinus.   I did a sinus cleanse last night and two, yes I said TWO, this morning.   I have taken sudafed and a allergy pill and not to forget the musinx I have taken twice already.  I can some what breath I just feel as my head is full.   I am supposed to go the Employee Health Clinic today, but that will be a sit and wait all day.   I have workout at 5:30 and I don’t want to miss it.   I have been doing so good.  So I do not wanna feel like this! I do not need this today or this week or the next however many weeks.



Things I need to catch you up on ….. BUJU Journal


Like I said in my previous post I am so far behind in writing and posting on my blog! To be honest with you I forgot about it.   There has been so much going on in the last year I don’t really even know where to begin.   CRAZY right!!! Yeah, I thought so too.    First off, I want to say that I found a way to keep my life some what sane, I have become a member of the Bullet Journal Community. I absolutely love buju-ing  (in case you wondering what a Bullet Journal is check out this article that I found. https://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelwmiller/how-to-start-a-bullet-journal?utm_term=.cpVQXnY2d#.ooe3o9ymv )

Here are a few example of my layouts.  (sorry some of the pics are either upside down or sideways).

This has helped me with my daily planning and monthly goal keeping.  I can see when I didn’t take vitamins or when I didn’t get to exercise.  However this only works when you fill it out correct.   As you can see there are some days that I did miss.  However, I do try to keep up with it daily.

Back at it!



So it has been a year since I have last posted on my blog.  I forgot how much I liked to share about my journey.   Well Now I am back at it and I am going full force.  I am no quitter!!!! I am going to try to stay up on all my post so that I can come back to this page and see how far I have come.

So it has been a little over 18 months since I had the RNY gastric bypass surgery.  And I feel totally amazing.  🙂  I can not believe how far I have become.

Here are some figures of how much I have lost since the first time I took my measurements on 4/27/2015.


I absolutely feel amazing!  I can’t say that I have done everything right and I a know that I have eaten bad in the last year or so, but today is a new year and a new beginning because I am going to WIN! I am going to be the best that I can be and make a difference in my life!  I am not going to let ANYTHING bring me down.

Since my last update a year ago, I have had ups and down with my weight.   In July of 2016 I totally stopped losing weight I head steady with the 138.4 lbs  lost, well a week ago I decided that I needed a change and my friend Kristie helped me find a way.  I will get into that in a bit (probably a new post) I have so much I want to share I don’t know where to begin.  I probably should do different topics on different post.  I don’t know.  Sometimes I get so confused on where to start. I think that is where I get frustrated and stop! But you know what NOT THIS TIME!!!

Well Off for post 2 of who knows how many today!! Gotta get you all caught up on my life. Yeah I know I am boring, but get over it!! Ha!!

Top 10 Bariatric Mistakes




Post Ops Need Help!
We recently asked an innocent question about hunger on Facebook and were not prepared when the floodgates opened with an outpouring of post ops not making changes needed to make it through the first years, forget a lifetime. Some said surgery had failed them but didn’t take vitamins, drink water or avoid carbs. While some were eating right and drinking protein others didn’t get why they were hungry. Many do not appear to be trying. At two years post op and already this far off path, what happens in twenty years? We can already hear their bones collapsing. What is missing? Responsibility! How this turns out is largely up to us.

No matter how fast or successful you were in initially losing weight, these are the top ten things that can and will sink you!

1.Drinking with Meals
Taking a big glug of iced tea with a mouth full of food is normal for many. But after weight loss surgery, drinking while you are eating washes the food out of your pouch. This allows you to refill your pouch and eat around your surgery. There are some who do this on purpose so they can eat more, adding the twist of psychological sabotage.

People come up with the excuse that they have to drink because they are thirsty. Drink a glass of water before you eat. Problem solved. You can drink right up until you take that first bite, but once the food starts, no more drinking unless you are choking. This is critical to long term success. No drinking with meals. Forever. Period. Done.

After bariatric surgery no drinking with meals

2. Drinking Soda
Having a pop doesn’t do anything as dramatic as explode your pouch or even stretch it, BUT it does take many back to a time when they would drink a twelve pack OR MORE of Dr. Pepper a day. There are many people who drank a LOT of soda before their bariatric surgery. It is better to not go back there. Post ops are also more likely to drink their soda with meals and that is a combination that will eventually get you back to pre op weight.

3. Not Making Good Food Choices
We obviously made more bad than good choices or we wouldn’t have needed weight loss surgery. We envy Slim People as genetically blessed and don’t realize they watch their food choices and exercise as their normal. When I would lunch with my naturally slim and fit friend Veronica, I would think ‘She is so thin, why is she eating grilled salmon on a house salad? She can afford to eat the bacon blue cheese burger and fries!’

It never dawned on me that she was slim because she didn’t choose burgers and fries plus she exercised in her living room every single morning. I had it backwards and it took me a long time to own that I ate differently than others.

Cook fresh food, stop with the processed ‘dead’ food, fast food, convenience foods and surround yourself with better choices. For the rest of your life, ‘Protein First, followed by lower carb Vegetables’ is the plan. Keep repeating it. Stick to it. You chose surgery knowing this was the deal. Why have your stomach removed if you never truly intended to change toxic food choices?

No alcohol for one year after bariatric surgery

4. Not Understanding Alcohol
Not a drop of alcohol for the first year after surgery. The liver and other organs are already pushed beyond normal limits by massive weight loss detox. Non negotiable.

Your prior experiences with alcohol are no longer valid as things change with your bariatric surgery. Without a handbag sized stomach for digestion, the cocktail dribbles directly into the small intestine and is sucked into the bloodstream at almost full proof. You can get deliriously sloppy and dangerously drunk in seconds. With RNY surgery you can additionally become ill from sugar as specialty cocktails can easily contain 50 grams of sugar.

Never drink alcohol unless you are with someone with whom you can trust with your life. Period. Your Match.com date does not qualify. Things can go very wrong with alcohol and if you are alone or with someone who does not understand your surgery, it may place you in grave danger. Never do a shot or feel pressured to keep drinking as alcohol poisoning can kill you.

There are studies that show a slightly increased rate of alcoholism in the bariatric set that may be due to a transfer of compulsive behavior. Be aware of this. If you find you are drinking more than occasionally or cannot stop, get help. Call your surgeons office, they won’t judge and will know what to do.

There is a strong pull to go out, dance and party after being released from the bonds of obesity and social drinking can be a part of that life. We are not a website that tells you to not drink, just have a plan before that first sip. There was a woman in BE Support Group who asked in open forum which cocktail she should drink for her wedding as she was one year post op and had not tried alcohol. Not a good idea to have your first post op drink at your own wedding, the office holiday party, or a business dinner with your boss.

5. Not Taking Vitamins or Supplements
Let’s cut to the chase. It’s ridiculous to think that you could have most of your stomach removed or cut in half with intestines bypassed, or a silicon band choking down the organ to the point where forced malnutrition causes a 100 pound weight drop in a few months and NOT need to take vitamins. Professionals TELL US we must take bariatric supplements yet most don’t. It is shocking how many don’t bother and wonder why they are sick! They insist they chew ice because they LIKE it, when unbeknownst to them they have a ferritin stored iron level of *3*. Serious iron deficiencies can damage your heart.

How long can someone last when food intake is restricted and they cannot absorb nutrients? Take vitamins. Take vitamins. Take vitamins. If you have bariatric surgery at age 35, what happens to you after 25 years of deficiencies? It does not end well. The numbers of post ops who break a wrist or ankle in minor trip and fall accidents would shock you. Longterm post ops are horrified that their teeth have loosened because of osteoporotic jawbones. Many need much more involved dental procedures including bone grafts when the underlying structures won’t support a root canal or implant.

There are serious conditions and symptoms that can hurt you when you are deficient in vitamins, protein and or minerals. There are neurological conditions caused by not taking essential supplements that are irreversible and can even lead to death. Yep, death.

The image below is from the surgery report when I fractured my ankle in a motorcycle accident 8 years post op. “The bone was extremely osteoporotic”. That straightens you right up. These stories are common. Wake up and pop a couple of capsules!

Fractured ankle with Osteoporosis, gastric bypass

6. Not Drinking Enough Water
Dehydration is the number one reason for hospital readmission and is a largely preventable complication. Your surgical team is not kidding when they tell you to keep sipping. Many come out of surgery feeling good and then after the first ten days slide into dizziness, nausea, headache, not being able to keep focus and falling asleep mid sentence. It gets progressively worse and unfortunately lands them in a hospital bed where they are fortunately hydrated with a fluid IV. Stay in front of the problem and drink water on schedule to prevent this.

Adequate water intake will also help flush fat metabolites from your system as you lose weight. Drinking water releases water weight so you will lose more pounds.

Our Hy Water app will help you and its free at GetHyApp.com where you can download it at The App Store. Tap the screen and every set number of minutes there is a fun reminder to DRINK UP.


7. Grazing
Plan and eat actual meals. Three meals plus Two small Protein Snacks; this is also called Five Small Meals. Grazing is eating a bite here and a bite there, never really filing up. Your small pouch is the strongest tool and not filling it is giving up a powerful way to control fullness.

Sit down with your plate then slowly and deliberately eat your meal; fullness or satiety will tell you when to stop. Grazing is a behavior that allows you to consume a larger amount of food over a longer period of time as pouch fullness does not happen. If you realize you are grazing, stop it by eating enough solid protein to feel full, a hard cooked or deviled egg, rolled up deli turkey, half a protein bar.

Much of what we call grazing is due to ‘head hunger’ where we think we are hungry or actually just looking for something to do. Take up beading, play online games, read, anything to take attention from food!

8. Not Exercising
Obese people think that people who go to the gym like to exercise. The truth is that people who exercise WANT to look and feel good. Few really like the act of working out, they like the result.

EAT LESS BURN MORE is a mathematical formula to lose weight! The boost provided by even 10 minutes a day of jacking up your heart rate will help you lose weight faster, give you a chance at keeping it off longer, help you LIVE longer and make you look & FEEL better. I cannot believe the energy I now have and I am happy. I wasted so much time feeling so tired and sad.

If you are right now formulating silent excuses that ‘you would’ but have bad knees, medical maladies, no money for gym membership and no time, we have BE exercise plans for you that are done at home, using no equipment, place zero impact on joints and take up just 10 minutes of your day. Poof. Nice try. Excuses gone. If you choose to be a slug, OWN IT! Sorry, but walking around Walmart doesn’t count for squat. Get real.

This short video features BJ Gaddour of Men’s Health and StreamFit and shows how LITTLE exercise you can do – I promise that it will make a difference! This low impact full body movement is called a Ground Zero Jump. Your feet do not leave the floor. Anyone can do it and it can be done anywhere. Stand up and give it a try. It will make you feel proud to do it

9. Eating Too Many Carbs
Let’s lay it out there. A big post op problem is HUNGER and many do not get that carbs are the reason.

Protein crowds out the carbs which controls hunger and forces weight loss. While a Little Debbie cake may have the same carbs as a dish of blueberries, it has zero nutrients. The little cake is a processed or dead food with no nutritional value. Choose the berries for great taste, fewer calories, tons of nutrients and use the energy to burn stored fat! All around a much better deal.

Carbs like pretzels and biscuits burn quickly and leave you hungry for more. Ever notice that eating crackers just makes you want to eat more crackers? Once you are at goal you can have a small amount of anything you want but make it your choice rather than a compulsion and only once you are in control of food.

When people are gaining weight and keep a food journal for a few days, its usually obvious that its the carbs that have wiggled their way back into the kitchen. Clean them out, stop buying them and get some fresh lower carb foods that bring nutrients to the party.

10. Assuming Surgery Has Cured Your Morbid Obesity
Calling it a Honeymoon Period is an accurate description. When weight is falling off and suddenly the world is brighter and all is good it is hard to imagine you will ever face the problems of morbid obesity ever again.

Here’s your wake up call. THE WEIGHT LOSS PARTY ENDS. During those first seven months of massive weight loss you are not driving the bus. You will lose the same amount of weight no matter what you do. There are some who don’t catch on to this and happily think that they have somehow cheated the system and are still losing weight while eating french fries. This does not end well in the long run.

It is common for post ops to not lose all the way to goal weight or over the years regain a substantial portion or even all of their weight back if they have not embraced making completely different foods choices. Even those paying attention can get hit with a gain, just like people who have not had weight loss surgery can gain weight. As with most successes, you create a long term plan and follow it. Weight loss surgery is not effortless nor does it last forever without serious commitment to the new way of life you create.

Change is hard, even with weight loss surgery. While we all thought this would be less difficult and more permanent, it turns out that just like in non-surgical life, once out from under the burden of 150 plus pounds it still comes down to diet, exercise and our willingness to change. 






I know I have been gone, and I am sorry.  I get so busy and I forget to post updates.  So today I am going to do that.  Hope you don’t mind multiple post but I have a lot I want to share!!

Well today I am 6 months and 2 days post op.  Since surgery I have lost 82.9LBS since surgery and 114.6LBS total since my first visit to the bariatric surgeons office on March 30, 2015.

It is really hard to imagine saying that I have lost over 100LBS!!  It feels so amazing to say it.  The things that I can do that I wasn’t able to do in the past.  It is such an amazing feeling.

The non scale victories have been awesome.  I was able to walk up to our season college football ticket seat without an issues.  I am able to tie my shoes like a normal person.  I can wear clothes I never thought I would be able to wear.  Shoes other that flipflops fit and fit good.  I am able to walk longer distance.  I can go to the movies and sit in the seats with room to spare.  I am able to sleep in my bed and get a good nights rest.

This year I have completed TWO 5K’s and feel amazing.  I can’t wait to see where next year takes me.

1st 5kfirst 5kMarch-Septembersecond 5kWedding dress weight losDec 14-15 (2)Dec 14-15

Weigh in!


So the last time that I have weighed in, it was over a month ago and I was at 67.8lbs.  Today I am at 93.6lbs lost.  Can you imagine that, I am almost at 100lbs lost!!!!

So I have lost the following so far:

90 pounds equals a newborn calf

A can of Crisco shortening

Crazy when you think about it.  I can not believe that I am almost a 100 pounds down.  It is so amazing!!!


Non Scale Victories


pony-meme-generator-did-you-miss-me-f0d84eSo it has been a while since my last post.  I have had a busy last few months. Between work, family and football games, I have been going insane.   I have lots of no scale victories to share.  Last year during this time, I had such a hard time walking up to our seats at Ben Hill Griffen stadium in Gainesville for the Florida Gator home football games.  From the time we got into the stadium up and around two spirals I had to actually got into the restroom sit down on the toilet and catch my breath along with hitting my inhaler a few times so that I could breath. After a short break, I would walk up and be so out of breath, I would have to again hit the inhaler so that I could breath and calm down.  So far this year, I have been able to go up the two spirals, usually stop for a potty break, because I drink so much water. I wait on my hubby to buy our drink and do his thing then we head up.  NO INHALER NEEDED!!!! It feels so good.

I am also able to tie my own shoes without having to really struggle.  I can also paint my own toes, it has been a few years since I have been able to do that.

Non scale victories are amazing!!! I am still having a hard time getting my vitamins, fluids and proteins in, but I am trying my hardest.

As far as exercise I am doing an amazing job in my opinion.  I do Yoga an hour a day on Monday afternoons, then I also go to fit dance for an hour, on Wednesday I go to exercise ball fitness class for an hour and on Thursdays I got to fit dance.  Weekends I am normally up and about getting my walking in.   I hate sitting at home doing nothing. Thats one reason why I have been so busy.

Gone tooooooooo long



OMG . . . .

I feel like I have not posted in forever, which is probably true.  Things in my life has been extremely busy.  So as of today I am 78 days post op.   I have lost a total of 67.8 lbs. Of that 67.8 lbs, I have lost 57.8 post op.  I have gone from wearing a 30/32 to a 22/24, I can even wear some 18/20’s depending on the make.  It feels so amazing.  At one of my group session I have with my hospital someone mentioned not to think of weight as just pounds put as objects.  So while searching the internet I cam across this blog that puts what things weigh.  It’s funny to compare how much you have lost by pound to other objects.  According to the Blog I have lost

60 pounds equals an elephant’s penis

5 pounds equals a bag of sugar  & 

2 pounds equals a pineapple  

Isn’t that just so crazy???

Here is the link if you would like to look at it yourself.


Anyways, back to me. I feel absolutely amazing.  I go to fit dance, twice a week for an hour, I walk 1-2 times a week 3+ miles at a time. (Which is something I would of never been able to do in the past).  My husband and I go to the Florida Gator home football games, and where are seats are located, I have to climb 60 stairs, and I am able to actually do it now without being so out of breath I can not breath.   This past Sunday I grabbed a pair of Bermuda shorts that were hanging in my closet for almost 2 years now, and put them on,(They are actually too big for me), they came with a belt and I was able to actually buckle it with no issue and wear it all day.  Being able to put my tennis shoes on is so much easier.  Last week I was able to give myself a mini pedi with no issues.  Do you know how exciting this all is????  I have had to move my car seat in my car up because my belly no longer hits the steering wheel.

My first major goal was to lose 50lbs and that has come and gone, my next goal is to be under 300lbs, which hopefully I will achieve any day (I am only .9 from being under). Soon I will have to go buy some new clothes.  Its about time to go through my closet and get rid (or in my case sell) my clothes so that I can get new ones.   Here recently I have been going to the Good Will, because I do not see the since in spending the extra money for clothes, when I don’t plan on keeping them long.

I have set the spare bedrooms of both my houses into work out area’s, I still want to add a few things in both rooms but they are coming a long.  I have a gazel, treadmill, and exercise bike.  I also go a real bike.  I have not ridden it yet, but sometime soon I will.

Well I am going to keep on focusing with my goals in mind.